Healthy Life is Biggest Asset

The meaning and importance of having good health can only understood after it start deteriorating. May be because of busy lifestyle, our diet and schedule became unhealthy. As we grow up from teenage to 20+ our physical activities decrease to nearly zero, games no more remains a part of our routine. We stop our regular walk to shops, school/college and become completely dependent on cars or motorbikes to cover smallest distance. This is the first invitation to illness. It is not very hard to notice difficulties arising with age, like digestion capacity. In our 30s everything remains OK so most of us don't bother to find any health clinic unless our company has any compulsory regular checkup policy.
And after 30 it become often very hard to maintain a fit health because of late in starting up and putting up little more than manageable extra weight, diabetes, and pressure of rising responsibilities everyday at home and in office. Avoiding small symptoms of health deterioration in daily life ultimately results into a life with pills and problems.
Living a healthy life is not that hard, all it needs to keep health at its best is just a regular and disciplined routine, everyday workout, little yoga session, and a small walk. It is never too late to start something good. Don't over stress yourself with sudden resolution for fitness, it is a continuous process make it a part of your daily life. Small changes in you can increase your healthy life by 10 years.
You can buy everything back but health. 

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