Tax on your income from share trade

Tax for those who trade for regular earning 

If you are an intraday or daily trader and your trade volume is considerably high. All your income from share market transactions will be considered as income from business activities and will be taxed accordingly as per income-tax slabs defined for that assessment year.

Tax for those who trade for investment

If you don't trade intraday using margins, your tax will be considered either 

1. Long term capital gains tax

If the period of investment in shares of one company is more than one years, you will have to pay only 10 per cent of profit.

2. Short term capital gains tax 

If period of investment in shares of one company is less than one year, your tax liability will be 20 per cent of the profit.

PS: You can carry forward your losses to next year for same segment of taxation.

PS: Income tax guys will look at your volume of trade to assess the primary category.


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