End of A Civil Society Led Movement

Biggest movement of India led by a civil society ended up with conversion into politics.
In early phase of crusade against corruption, they gained mass support across country, and managed to pressurise the government as well. But today, even after 6 days of fast, Team Anna has hardly added sympathy of people for diabetic Shri Arvind Kejreewal. The motive behind this season of fast was not very clear to everyone and ambiguity in speeches was to focus on gaining support of people for team rather for issue. The announcement of the launch of a political party was the death nail to the movement of civil society. In future, I will not rely easily to some other self-proclaimed leader from civil society, as this time it took sixteen months to learn their political ambition.

Few interesting things I witnessed and assessed during fast (season 3) are:

  • Role of media: Throughout the period of fast all discussions and reports were only about number of attendees. Coverage was very limited until Anna Hazare announced their will to provide political option. Just a minute after announcement, all news channels started airing intellect debates and reports on Team Anna and its political ambition. I don’t understand how media decides priorities.
  • Role of other parties: Until team Anna was running a civil movement all party leaders/spokesperson were saying (indeed challenging) team Anna to join politics and follow democratic means for policymaking. It was said in every interview by Congress and allies as well as BJP people, from senior most leaders on national media to tiny party workers on local news blogs. Now when they accepted it everyone started criticizing them alleging original intension behind movement was always gaining support of people for their future political motives. I am not surprised with statements, but at least once you guys can’t stick to your agenda. Oh I am sorry you are very much with your agenda which says “oppose anything and everything”.
  • Role of Ramdev Baba: What will be next step of Baba Ramdev who always came up with his political instincts? He never tried to hide himself behind any civil movement but openly accepted that he is waiting for right time. His partner took a long leap and now standing in front row, how the relation between Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare will proceed further?
  • Role of Anti-UPA vote bank: Will this move of Anna Hazare indirectly support the Congress Party? It is certain that if Anna will launch a party and contest in election independently will create a divide in anti- UPA votes, BJP and Anna will share these votes and possibly ultimately UPA will get the profit. I am not sure how team will gather all the required resources to contest a general election in India.
  • Role of common man who seeks an option: Yes, if managed properly and Team Anna comes up with more transparent and democratic form of political option, it will certainly write a new history in the democracy of Indian Republic. For this Team Anna will have to showcase extraordinary courage and leave all insecurities behind provide a fair platform for everyone above team, family, friends, community, cast, religion, leadership, supporters, and any other factor. The option people are looking for is not just another party but a political party of their dreams.
All the best Team Anna. Good Luck India.

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right.... prafull ji we hope now india will progress in new generation

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