NITI Ayog gets its first CEO

I was among those who hated the concept of Planning Commission, many of us felt, it is very slow and should have been buried three decades ago. Five year plans were things of past. And in a new fast-changing world government can't foresee five years ahead. Development must be more responsive and adapt quickly to new realities. Technological advancements have made many of established notion obsolete.

Better late then never, now the government had appointed Amitabh Kant as the first CEO of newly formed NITI Ayog. He is an IAS from 1980 batch and was serving as Secretary at DIPP; he is famously known as the man behind 'Make in India' campaign. Appointments are gradually being made since Ayog's formation last year. Transition is not a fast thing to do so we can discount this government on delay in appointments. But the Ayog won't have to be like the predecessor. It can do better and must take measures that are needed to be taken quickly.

Unlike planning commission, it has very limited powers but yet its effectiveness can't be compromised. Things are taking a shape, we all are looking forward with optimism to watch it establish itself, and undo the damages done by the Planning Commission in the past couple of decades. 

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