Friends Remain Forever not Friendship

Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance. 
- Rabindranath Tagore

What is definition of friendship? I say it is a relation that can not be defined. It is not just about being there for someone, caring for someone, expecting someone when we need, helping someone, doing masti together, insisting him to stay with you whenever he is in your town, or anything else that we use to do with friends; but all these with something else too, a feeling that can not be ignored, feeling of ownership whenever we say "He is my friend".

Just like you I am having many friends from different periods of my life. Like childhood, teenage, school, college, tuition/coaching, office, events etc. Some other friends are from my facebook/twitter accounts, some are from my apartment building, some are from my locality. At the moment I have different set for friends older friends are still in heart but we hardly talk once in two months or six months. Friends are still there but friendship is lost somewhere. All friendships were perfect ten friendship with all its attributes, like it will never gonna end. But now it is just a memory.


Unknown said...

yes u r right.tnxx.

Unknown said...

My name is praful too...... can u give me the hindi meaning of this thought. ...

Unknown said...

Exactly.But true friends will be there for you till the end.
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