Entrepreneurship Idea: White Label ATM

Who owns the Mobile Towers in India? Few Years back the towers were owned by the respective mobile Operator. Bharti Airtel owned their mobile tower, Reliance Communication owned their tower and BSNL theirs. Now, there is a consolidation of mobile tower business. The towers are owned by companies like Quippo Telecom and rented to any mobile operator who needs the same.
Who owns the ATMs in India? Currently, the ATMs are owned by the respective banks. SBI ATMs are owned by them, ICICI owns their ATMs and so on. But, this is going to change pretty soon. An Indian Entrepreneur has bought an ATM and if things go well the Nearest ATM of SBI may be owned by this Entrpreneur. Check out http://bit.ly/a76vjR
You might have missed the first mover advantage in getting into Mobile Phone towers, but do not miss this opportunity. May Lakshmi bring lot of wealth to you by coming Dhanteras.
Credit: Ravi B.

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