Many good moments = A happy life

The summation of thousands of small happy and sad moments is called life. Sometimes it is easy to take decision, on others it becomes hard. For the same issue we have different set of opinion under different circumstances. We live a large life but in small pieces. It is better to collect and spread smiles often than waiting and planning for bigger surprises occasionally.
In our daily practice we think it is a very small gift and she/he probably don't need it, this is not important for her/him, I will think about something better, it is not the right time, will see some other day, etc. And we lose some of the precious happy moment. It is better to see smile every day than a bigger smile seldom.
People don't like you because what you are but how you behave right at the moment. We don't have a programmed observation and logical conclusion generation capacity. We are human not computers which reflects same result every time we calculate for a set of data. We take input according to our perspective and our mindsets. We analyze things as we want to see them. We get influenced, we get infatuated, we get distorted, we add emotions, we add intuitions, we add imaginations, and many other parameters during our thinking and decision making process.
In love affairs we use to say "the most important thing is we love each other". No doubt this is soul of relationship but I don't think this is most important. In my eyes the most important is how many times you use to distort your line of priority or you leave you zone of comfort for the sake of her/him happiness.
Few says the importance of happiness will go down if it will become a usual factor. They may be right but think, in this way the importance of unhappy moments will go up so you may won't get very upset when next time they knock your door. Life is very small so let's enjoy on regular basis.

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amit said...

ye sab kya likha hua hai.....sab par ja raha hai.......write in mother tongue hindi............

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