A long awaited initiative

“There must be a synchronisation between your ideas and your practices.”
I was waiting for a right time so I can execute some of the own and borrowed ideas since long. But today I am sure that there is no right time for an entrepreneur to start execution. However, seed money is a factor that cannot be avoided.
Recently I have started a small web based business about which I was thinking for last five years. This can be counted as first one for profit.
For non profit initiatives, it is often uneasy to initiate but as you go it become exciting with the fuel called appreciation. People start accepting you and early or late your venture become the only choice of many. In my opinion the best time of learning is the duration before we complete first lap, for me those were most memorable days of my entrepreneurial life.
Once someone told me "Success is directly proportional to struggle." I guess we all agree if we have ever done or tried to do something in the right way.

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