Indian Politics: Urgent Changes Required

There is a big difference in the social and economical framework of Indian and European society there might be several reasons but one of the important is the difference in political temperament of these countries. In India even after 64 years of independence our political ethics is in childhood. We need to have a knowledge driven political system like in most of developed countries of western world.
In today's scenario we have a mindset and see politician as a millionaire; why this happens? Unless you become a millionaire you can't be a politician or if you are a politician you must have at least millions in your account. We must note that MLAs and MPs receive a fixed salary. We all know the showcase of family business and other sources of income is how much trust worthy.
Why can't people just work as a politician as we see people working for any MNC, Govt. enterprise, Organisations etc. with full dedication? Reason is obvious, we don't see any promising and sustainable career until getting elected for MLA, MLC, MP etc. We all know it takes long for getting elected as MLA or MP and it is not a permanent post, then on what basis the system has been offering them payment for the period of their service as representative only. The flaw is in the root of the fundamental structure of this system it creates greed for money rather will for service. We all want economical security and for this we work day-night same the politicians do. I don't find any reason why should avoid a chance for being corrupted? They did a struggle for life without any remuneration unless they got elected, and future after next election is in uncertainty so corruption becomes a natural phenomena. In ideal case the struggle should begin with getting a victory in election, struggle for the welfare of masses, struggle for accomplishment of commitments. But scene is opposite, a victory in election means a win over chest of KUBER.
While discussing about politics as a career option, people don't even take a second before shooting the question "How can politics be a career option for a highly qualified youth?" Yes it could be just some changes are needed to be done but not easy to get it done. We must give a passage to talented and visionary youth for the front row of political system. Today either a son of billionaire, a well known criminal with enormous money, a industrialist having almost no idea about middle and lower class life, a successful professional who opted politics as the charm and glamor fascinated him lot, a spiritual or say religious leader, an actor, and last but not the least family of a politician have the passport to enter into politics as they can survive and even easily get elected on the power of money. The chain must be broken as we can see the real time status of our society.
We need to have a national political association (something similar to ICAI, Bar Association etc.) and a fellowship for every politics fellow selected after an examination conducted periodically on state level. We also need to amend our constitutional provision regarding eligibility for contesting in elections, we need to add a mandatory association with the aforesaid political association. We can encourage educated, capable and talented youth for joining politics by providing financial liberty, and this can be done by giving a suitable stipend for their contribution in politics. This thing can be diversified by adding education and research along.
In earlier part I compared Indian political system with western, I agree they also don't have such system but still they have knowledge and facts based politics because of standard of literacy among masses there. We may have satisfactory literacy percentage but the standard of knowledge is unsatisfactory even for educated people mostly in rural areas. And it does not sound logical that we can teach them, but we can make a change in our system until all become of somewhat similar knowledge level.
On the bottom note bureaucrats don't see any direct accountability to public but politicians do. It is rather easy to bring a healthy environment among politicians than among bureaucrat but one thing is sure if one of these get cleaned other will have to follow the path.


kesaricabsindore said...
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kesaricabsindore said...

I am very happy to read this blog!! You sharing a nice information!! In today's situation we have an attitude and see legislator as a tycoon; why this happens? Unless you turn into a tycoon you can't be a legislator or in the event that you are a government official you must have no less than millions in your record. We must note that Mlas and Mps appropriate an altered pay. Visit for more info:- Arvind Kejriwal

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