Let's Sell This Idea

Your capacity to sell your idea will determine the future of your dreams and ambitions. If you are not sure about your own projections, keep improving it otherwise it will end with a huge disappointment for you, your partners, employees and people who trusted you and invested for your idea. In other case if you are all set with your idea and project, it's time to sell it before venture capitalists. 
  1. Talk about your idea, project. plan, and product/services as much as you can. Approach all possible investors for your support and keep a track on similar ideas and their funding sources.
  2. You may fail to convince any venture capitalist but keep them in your mailing list for sending them recent updates about your project from time to time. If you have already started your entrepreneurial activity send them your progress reports. 
  3. Don't simply ignore if venture capitalist or investors have raised some concern or suggested some ideas for betterment of your project, even you should ask them their point of view and keep changing your project according and keep them informed about your changes.
  4. If you have tiny doubt over your business idea and you find some risk. You need to reconsider your idea and its implementation project report. For this you may contact some experienced people from industry or academy.
  5. Always keep a theoretical and analysis based assumptions in project report. If you don't have such reference then you should do your research your own.
  6. If you have a cent percent realistic project you don't need to bother about risks associated with it. Trust you ability and be ready to put your fullest effort and resources for this idea.

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