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In 2005-09 session, I took admission at RPSIT in Engineering course with major in Computer Science & Engineering at that time the name of the engineering degree being awarded by Magadh University was B. Sc. Engineering (later it was changed into B.Tech). The course completed this June (2011), two years delayed from scheduled time of completion due to delay in the academic session of university. Now a days courses and sessions are running on time (almost).
I have been writing RPSIT blog for last three years but unfortunately lost my previous posts recently. I was among those students who got admission in the college in last days of admission season, so we were allotted Section D in first year.
Six years are pretty long period of time for studying the course of four years duration, but I feel it was rather short. At some point of time we were disappointed and upset with university too, when we met our friends who were completed their graduation and working with companies while we were in the middle of course. But we never had any regret for choosing RPSIT.
RPSIT is one of the oldest private engineering colleges of Bihar. It has a very long list of successful alumni. Till date we don't have an active placement cell in college. And college don't bother about placement of students, as it is supposed to be the task of students themselves. 
Most of my friends opted to go for further studies and preparation for PSU jobs. By now only few have got placement with their personal effort.
Studying at RPSIT was like leading your life in your own way. There were no stringent rules for students and compulsion of attendance. You have to choose what you want to do, what you want to learn, and how you want to shape your career. Passing examinations were not so tough but never so easy either. There were no any burden of assignments and projects like other colleges. This freedom was great for those who wanted to learn engineering not study, but at the same time it ruined some of students under misguidance.
We lived a unforgettable journey of around six years in this college, and we all friends will remain in hearts of each other forever.
I am Prafull.

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Its true Prafull. We will not forget our college life that we spent there. Session of the college is late but Students are being offered who select right path.

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