Not Selecting Optional Subjects

Management, Indian History, Public Administration, Law, Economics, Sociology and Electrical Engineering; I am equally not so good in all these subjects also equally interested. Now the dilemma is how to choose the most suitable couple of subjects having features like scoring, easy to understand, availability of resources, and above all interesting enough so I can spend my hundreds of hours. I was thinking over it and finally messed up with all this.
Few subjects were helping in GS preparation also, few were of my absolute interest, few had short syllabus, few were easy to understand and answer. And at the last I concluded with an observation that I am wasting my time so I should not bother about optional and prepare for CSAT only for next few months as I am not done with CSAT papers (GS and Paper II) either.
I don't know whether my strategy is right or wrong, but one thing I am sure about is I should not waste my time anymore.
The logic behind this decision was an experience, when I was in first year of my engineering course I was fascinated with papers like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Signal Processing and also .NET programming (like most of students) but after three years of study when I was in final year I came to the fact that I can utilize my potential fullest in Java programming and testing and opted it for my early career. The objective behind this story was just to justify my decision of with a reference I had, may be after going through CSAT preparation I become able to choose a optional subject in a better manner. Let's see whether I prove myself RIGHT or WRONG.

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