Mission 2012

I am getting late. For last few of years I was trying to figure out what to do and what not to do. I was damn confused until this morning, but I think it's alright now.
Who am I? I am the one who left his job last week, so a bad employee; one who failed to start few entrepreneurial ventures planned in past couple of years, so a bad entrepreneur; not a good engineer either. Don't take it in wrong way, I am not depressed or even unhappy with my life.
Today after a week long brainstorming session and tons of mental stress finally I decided to put my all effort for UPSE-CSE 2012. And not to engage myself for more than a limit in any other activity including job and few very close to my heart like TEDxPatna and UEN Summit. It looks like I am again on a mission impossible. Let's see what will I bring at the end of this, a surprise for everyone or just an another disappointment for my self and my loved ones.
I was in 11th standard when first time I heard about the IAS, one of my friend told me that IAS is most prestigious job profile in India. But at that time I didn't paid much attention and just heard it and forgot for a long period of time. However I was highly inspired by some of officers of that time. But now the only way left in front of me is to prepare for mission 2012 and win the race. It was not very easy for me to land on such a hard decision at this stage of my career. It is not the first time when I thought about civil service as a career option, I was thinking or say fascinated about it from last one year but never dared to know anything more than the recruitment process. Well, I know many will oppose this decision and may ask me to think again over it like a mature mind and work for responsibilities, but I am sorry as I said earlier it's getting late, exactly after one week on 30th July, 2011 I will celebrate my 23rd birthday and if today I can't decide there will be no better day ahead. And also it does not look feasible for me to work on two lines of priority like preparation along with job or entrepreneurship, as it will become hard for me to deliver my best to any.

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