Investment decisions

Decisions aren't easy, investment decisions are meticulous. There is no single rule for perfect investment strategy but we can put widely accepted practice as,
Invest minimum for your old self, near future, big dreams, and invest maximum for unforeseen crisis, death or disability, and self-esteem; spend the rest.
If you are a salaried, you must be to investing in PF/NPS by default; if not, start an NPS tier-I account immediately. Now you must start a life insurance policy, PPF account as early as in first trimester of your first employment, don't make your salary an excuse start small as small as you want. 

Once done with these and not struggling with daily life expenses instead of increasing these investment now it's time for new investments go for tax saver mutual funds, debt mutual funds and equity mutual funds in same order. In case you don't want to explore much and numbers are not strength, go for SIP.

Next in line will be your housing loan and equity investments, and investment plans for your children. That is all.

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