India deserve a better solution than Free Basic

Putting aside all concerns of community, facebook is intensively campaigning to gain support for its initiative aka Free Basic app. By  just getting a button clicked they are assuming that people supporting it with understanding. No Mr. Zuke you are doing it wrong, it is called fraud, you should let people something more about free basic by than just the keywords "free internet".

Atleat mention one line "I will control the internet you can surf through Free Basic". Just one truth and see how many supports you can fetch. We are fond of freebibut not at this cost.

They are saying that these appeals will be sent to TRAI in order to save the Free Basic app. Free Basic is an attempt of enslaving internet. It is against net neutrality principles which has been the foundation of internet community since beginning.

India is obsessed about the word 'Free', which is going to be a costly affair this time. People wont turn toward a paid service if they will get a free alternative. And in this wau Facebook will get the power to control internet for all free basic users. They will let people surf websites of facebook's choice. Whole internet based startup ecosystem will collapse. Once it will get approval few more internet giants will come up with similar ideas ultimately internet will become slave of a few corporates.

They have not addressed any of concerns raised by people against free basic, but slapped back to back campaign after campaign only to gain support.

Digital India dream is far bigger and greater than having a mere internet connection. All we need is infrastructure in place of freebies. Google's Loon project can be an example in this regard.

Facebook claims that the threats and concerns are fabricated and does not have any ground but it is not true earlier flipkar rolled back its free initiative in collaboration with Airtel after official's public apology stating that their existance is because of free and fair internet. It has been criticized by experts, only support it has gained is from person does not have any idea of net neutrality and got into trap. The concern is quite real.

It is obvious that through its email campaign Facebook has gained far greater number of supports than the number of people raising voice against it. But concern is not that much limited as it seem, now our next ray of hope is the decision to be taken by TRAI, recently TRAI has raised a notice to Reliance and asked to halt Free Basic. In most of its decisions it has played fair and foresighted. We are hopeful. 

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