13 Tips for Creating Innovative Ideas

Innovation is a part of our life once we make an idea practicable, it is known as innovation.
13 Tips for Creating Innovative Ideas
  1. Build your knowledge base about the targeted subject.
  2. Read about similar ideas related to your idea.
  3. Unleash your imaginations, make them limitless.
  4. Do not be bound by realities.
  5. Wherever you go, keep a pen and a paper in your pocket.
  6. Connect your night dreams with your daily thoughts.
  7. Expose your ideas to critics.
  8. Go for a morning walk.
  9. Start free writing.
  10. Stop copycatting, be novel in your ideas.
  11. Consult a graphics designer.
  12. Put your ideas into action.
  13. There's no such thing as a bad idea!

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