Lakshmi and Saraswati

Recently on the occasion of Diwali, I read a status update on the facebook wall of an esteemed academician from IIM, he was arguing on the acceptance of only one of these goddess at his home as both can't stay together. This was not the first time I learn this dilemma of Lakshmi Vs Saraswati, often it is being told that both of these goddess don't exist at the same place.

I was wondering how true this could be? Saraswati is goddess of wisdom and knowledge, and Lakshmi is of wealth & prosperity. I find most wise and educated minds are working with wealthiest enterprises on a really high valued paychecks. I find the engineering and management colleges as one of the largest and most successful source of wealth, not only for administrators but also for teachers. I find banks/financial institutions having endless wealth flowing through them, often hire the most intelligent minds from colleges. Bill Gates was an awesome student (for ref. you can take his SAT score), and it is not really needed to mention he has been wealthiest for years.

If I am not wrong, how the principle stated a paragraph above works? I didn't dared to argue over the post from gentle man, as much discussion on another direction was hot. But this is my place so I am free to write whatever I think. I guess theories related to gods should change with time.
Stepping ahead, it looks like both are complementary to each other. If you don't have the wisdom it how can you look for prosperity, and if you don't have wealth how can you nourish those brightest minds.

We have some examples viz. Albert Einstein, Aryabhatta, Chanakya, Rabindranath Tagore and also the gentleman from IIM I have mentioned earlier are some real fellow having extra-ordinary blessings from Saraswati. But if we observe closely they are not hated by Lakshmi either as millions are. We have countless of examples of ignorant from both of these goddess. But I don't find any example so far of someone having blessed by one and isolated from other.

Meaning of wealth changes from person to person. For many being wealthy means earning Rs. 10,000/month for some earning less than Rs. 5,00,000/month is like being counted among poor. And as we all know, this too depends on how much knowledge do they have. So change in attitude may bring a change in views towards our goddesses lets worship without dispute.

I am sure you all must had a wonderful Diwali last night. 

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