Gatekeeper Dr. Bipul Chaudhary

Let me introduce newly recruited gatekeeper cum guard of my apartment Mr. Bipul Chaudhary oh sorry Dr. Bipul Chaudhary. Yes he has Ph.D from Varanasi (Banaras). I wondered why is he working here as a gatekeeper for salary of somewhat less than three thousand.
I asked him how? why? what? when?
He told me that he is younger brother of our old gatekeeper Mrityunjay. He completed his Doctorate from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Banaras in literature Sanskrit in 2002, title of his thesis paper was "Kumar Sambhawam, Meghdootorya Bhaugolik Drishtya Parilochanam". After completion of degree he tried a lot to get a job but failed badly at last he joined a private school as a sanskrit teacher with very little salary in Banaras(he used the name Kashi instead of Banaras) but lost that job very soon when he urged for a leave of a week to come back to village in Bhagalpur to see his ill wife. He also worked as an assistant priests in a temple of lord Ram (I forgot the name) in Banaras, where his (maternal) grandfather was chief priest once. As he was the one from the family of former Chief Priest so soon internal politics stared in temple and administration asked him to go back. Now he is in Patna and working in place of his elder brother as a gatekeeper because of family problems.
Is this a right place for a guy having title "Dr", I don't think. I told him this is not the right place for him, he should try in some school. I also offered my help and said he can meet some of my friends (who may help him). But he refused politely and assured me that he will not stay here for too long; soon he'll go back to Banaras and find a better job.
I hope so.

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