It’s wrong number Aamir Khan, India is still the same.

Most of India has criticized Aamir Khan over the statement that he made about the thinking of his wife. She wanted to leave India because she was scared, give us a break, she might had a dream of Syria that night. Or may be Mr. Khan himself cooking these words and putting it in the mouth of his Hindu wife. I have just 6 questions.

Why Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao never said anything about it before?

She got scared to the extent of leaving her country but never complained publically. She is a modern lady who can take responsibility, well known and well connected, empowered, and she needs a spokesperson for her statements. What was Amir Khan’s response to his wife’s when she gave that run away idea? We understand that he has also got a sense of fear but still we are wondering about his reply when his wife wanted leave India. I am sure he must have not said, let’s pack our bags.

What exactly he wants from government to do?

On one hand we are saying that opinion of an individual must be regarded irrespective of his popularity and position. And on the other hand asking govt to put a ban over the statements made by politicians, isn’t that ridiculous. If someone is that much wrong anyone can file a police complaint. Even if there is a sense of so called insecurity in air, do you think removal of Sakshi Maharaj will clear the fog or will make it more intense.

What problem you are trying to solve?

Let’s accept India has one fifth of its population as minority and the only way to live is together. Because at the end there is no other option or you want to create another Pakistan. So instead of blaming government, why don’t make statement for people, talk about positive things and millions of stories are floating around us about Hindu-Muslim harmony, these are not old but everyday stories from last 6–8 months too. We can not judge the sentiment and plurality of a great nation through television boxes, and TRP hungry stories. No Modi, no Sakshi can damage it nor you.

Do you remember the story you narrated to his parents in “Tare Jameen Par”?

More you will use the term intolerance more you will encourage it. Talk about togetherness and fraternity to let it prevail.

Will they change their half century old ideology for the sake of your pleasure? 

You are enough learned (through experiences) to understand the politics, no rational citizen or government want a chaos, but may be a political party. And in democracy like India, for a national political party and its vote bank is most important (even more than government). And trust me rational people are not the vote bank they are fighting for.

What are you going to achieve?

You are trying to polarize. Even if you will succeed muslims in India will certainly lose, because only few are rational. Government said protest of intellectuals are politically motivated and allegation has got merit, because no one is suggesting a genuine solution, but repeating the problem again and again. And playing a blame game. PM should say sorry, PM should not go abroad, elected MPs — MLAs should be punished for their opinions, do they have idea what are they talking about. Only purpose getting fulfilled is Polarization. And as it is happening, it is the biggest damage to democracy by destroying the secret voting principle in general and turning a national party more careless about a section in particular. Because every general muslim is being be considered as anti BJP and in that way.
Because of this polarization they may get benefited in states with significant Muslim population but as a nation we will fail and our dream of national integration too. They are politician, and we all know in India how respectable they are. Don’t judge India over TV or facebook, you might have concluded from first paragraph even before reading entire story that I am a bhakt, but I have never judged you. I just think that people like you must be responsible in a way for what we speak.

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